Saturday, August 16, 2008

The truth is we just need a little light!

One Saturday evening recently, 4 of the fab 5, decided it would be best to each stay home, be productive and get some things done. All those little tasks like bill paying, laundry, cleaning closets, catching up on reading etc... So of course, I invited them over for a girl's movie night, and the definition of "what would be best" suddenly and predictably changed. We are such a diverse group and yet when our strengths are brought together we are the equivalent of at least one completely functional friend. So the movie magnate of the group was in charge of the DVD selection, I made popcorn, and the bills, laundry and closets were put off yet again.
I don't usually think of science fiction as a "chick flick" but Will Smith and New York City are favorites so we settled in, popcorn bowls layered on top of our blankets and assigned the remote to the electronically gifted among us. As the sun went down,and the room got dark, the tension in the room rose with the drama of this sci-fi experience. As the final climactic scenes approached and music told us it was time to be very afraid, I found myself saying aloud..."Ok, he is in a very scary situation. We on the other hand are safe in my living room! He should be afraid, we on the other hand are completly safe and have nothing to fear. Will Smith is in great danger, we are safe." Now once through that script would perhaps have been enough. But with every dramatic moment of extreme tension I would blurt out the same facts. It appeared to me that we needed too be reminded of the truth in order to have any comfort through the rest of this director's imagination. The 3 giggled under their breaths the first time, after that I think I may have spoiled their fun. I mean, we watch scary movies because we love the thrill of the suspense right? Or is it that we only put up with the anxiety because we so appreciate surviving and feeling the flood of relief that follows.
Now I can't help it that this has become a spiritual lesson. Take it up with the Creator, I take no responsibility for a twisted mind, just thankful for the One who has twisted it just so!
How often have I sat in the dark of a situation and gotten so sucked into the plot and action, that my anxiety has gotten the best of me. I want so badly for it to be a movie I know will soon end, and I have survived unchanged. I try to determine how to manipulate the characters, rewrite the script or walk out on this showing. Don't we all?
Well, perhaps the truth is... that the truth should be told in those dark moments bringing in a little light and clarity. The truth in my dark situation is "this might look scary, like the main characters are really at risk, like some may not make it out very well or at all, but the truth is `I am safe because I am loved by my Father. So when this is all said and done, and this scene finishes, we survive and though changed, changed for the better because of who our director is and because HE says so!" Its like turning on the lights in a theater in the middle of a horror film. The truth in the light says we have nothing to fear. So next time I find myself cowering beneath a blanket of fear, emotions, like a bowl of popcorn all over the room, I will remind myself, aloud if necessary, exactly what the truth is, even if the scene before me screams "be afraid!"
The truth is, we just need to add a little light. Off to clean closests....