Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Haiti day 5...bugs and rain

Bug bites and swollen ankles are the new accessories to shorts and the coolest tshirts we can find to wear. Benadryl, Immodium and gatorade powder are passed in the hallways and when I asked a small group who wants a diet coke over ice, I got the most enthusiastic response all week. Their hopes were clearly dashed when I replied "I know me too". I don't think they thought it one bit funny, but don't seem to be holding it against me.
We hit the ground running again today and Dann and I headed back with Rachel to the Depot to finish going through boxes and putting things away, then making a master list of what was on each shelf. Cloths closet group sorted through the last of the items there and the painting was finished at the boys house. The day care center with the youngest ones, mostly toddlers is at the same location as the depot and about late morning each day these darlings are given their baths outside in two wash tubs. We asked if we could do the bathing for the know to give them a break today. It was an easy sell and I do believe we had far more fun then the children! Nothing cuter than a 2 year old baby, than a soaped up soaking wet bronze skinned bundle of energy and smiles! I know...right?
After lunch we walked to the transition house, where the older kids are taught skills like sewing, carpentry, baking and screen printing. Just blocks away, we saw an entirely different kind of people. I could feel myself on high alert. The Deeds was with us and just beginning to feel the symptoms of some bug. He went to the community feeding program, but didn't stay long when his fever and aches developed. Dann and I stayed and the door was opened to let them in just as the sky opened with a moderate rain. The kids were not one bit deterred. They still played soccer on the concrete, jumprope and basketball. It was refreshing to us and again they were given a beaded project to complete and taught from the bible, sang some worship songs and had a meal. Dann was back at the guest house with Micah when Ashley the nurse asked if he could come to the clinic with her to stitch up the back of one of the boys heads. It has rained steadly the rest of the day and has cooled everything down a bit tonight. The Deeds is feeling better but he and I stayed back from the worship night to lay low and make sure. Dominoes, the Matching game and Go Fish seemed to be just what the doctor ordered. I am praying all the stomachs settle down by the morning as we might just venture out into greater Port Au Prince tomorrow or possibly do some painting at the new staff house. I do know we'll begin the day again, singing praises to the King of Kings everything after that is up for grabs. Makes for a great sense of adventure and I am always up for that. Sorry there aren't more pictures, I am the mercy of someone else lending me their camera and then downloading what I can. Until tomorrow!

Haiti Day 4

Yesterday began with Dann playing the guitar and leading our team in some worship music.  We are so grateful to be here, serve and see first hand the labor of love of those who now call Haiti their home in order to provide for the children of MDL.   After our holy huddle we split into several smaller groups to tackle some tasks.  The "Depot" an underground storage room at the girl's room is home to donated items from hygiene products, school supplies, craft items, sports equipment and some misc construction items.  We were asked to reorganize it and unpack and store the items we brought.  It has taken 3 full mornings with 3-5 people working to go through bins, suitcases and boxes and create a little more order.  Doing so will allow the staff here to more effectively update the website list of needs for future donations and make it much easier to find items that are needed.  But hot, humid and dusty, roaches and some rodent "souveneirs" provided us an opportunity for a mighty big dose of holy perspiration; probably not at all what our team mates called it over lunch.  Others from the team were next door sorting clothing and setting up a room as a closet that would be easily accessible and clearly marked and seperated by gender and size.  Still another group were doing some painting at the boys home.  Dann, Lynette and Kristen spent the afternoon at the clinic.
A doctor very recently joined Ashley the nurse who looks to be about 25 or so and arrived in Haiti just 2 weeks before the earthquake.  She alone, was the go to person when the boys home became a makeshift hospital. For seven days straight she "deputized" the older boys and other staff members as fellow nurses and treated people with whatever was available including at least one amputation.  Her nursing degree cannot come close to designating her skill, knowledge and all she has seen.  The rest of the women did some crafts with the older girls while they waited for their time with Alicia who would examine and purchase the necklaces and purses each had made for the "store" here at the guest house.  With the money they make, they are required to save 1/3, put aside 1/3 for more supplies and keep the last 1/3. 
All the in between time was spent talking to or holding and playing with any child we could get close to.  Darling little bundles of sweetness and amazingly bright smiles most often mask the history and brokenness of their young lives. 
Each has a story, not that they share with us, nor do we dare ask them to recount such things, but the staff is free to confidentially share some basics with us and the fact that they can smile and laugh, run and play is evidence of what Jesus does and the power of the Holy Spirit in the lives of the staff and those teams that have come to help.  There is just no more meaningful work if I can even call it that.  Thank you for praying and supporting us.