Sunday, January 11, 2009

The luckiest man alive!

If you checked the blog's last entry you have seen my fashion goal. Yesterday morning, 70 degrees on January 10 in So California. I have spied my neighbor across the street on his hands and knees pruning and digging around his rose bushes so I knew it was time to get to my few. Yard just have to be in the mood. So still in my jammies and peering out to the backyard, the mood hit. But prone to a chill in anything under 80 degrees, I ran upstairs and threw on the nearest sweatshirt and slip on tennies, grabbed the pruning sheers and went to work. No I hadn't showered yet...I told you the "yard work mood" HIT. I was so enjoying the clipping and cleaning up from blooms past and picturing paradise 2009 that I hardly heard the click of the camera. What I did hear clearly was "I'm the luckiest man alive!" I chose to believe he was serious as my darling, showered, scrubbed, combed and fully dressed husband threw his head back in blissful laughter! You know? I agree completely!

Thursday, January 08, 2009

New Years Hopes for the future

It's January 8th, 2009. Totally not my "just a thought" style, but I felt the need to get it down somewhere. I don't like resolutions, they feel so rulish and I am a rebel of sorts and reformed perfectionist, so coming up short makes me feel free and a failure at the same time. I'm going to call these hopes and plans, knowing that God will intervene when he sees fit and change things up just to remind me who is in charge. But I look forward to His interruptions knowing I must have been headed in the less than best direction. So for now here you the next month I plan to become a mother-in law and break all those terrible stereo types that make a good late night talk show. In the next year I plan to adopt a dog and with this little black and white guy available mid january, it may be sooner rather than later. Plus I went to see Marley and Me today. That will send you to the puppy store in a heartbeat. (note to self...zoning doesn't allow me to go see any "horse and me" movies). After accomplishing the dog plan, I expect in the next year to regret having my carpet spotted, my furniture chewed and my checking account drained at the vets office. To deal with my regret, I will plan to watch Marley and Me again. In the next 5 years I plan to go to Israel, even if I have to wear a flak jacket and pants. Do they make flak pants? I want to see where my savior lived and walked, taught and prayed, cried and died. If I spill my own blood while I am there due to the conflicts, I plan not to care. In the next 20 years I hope to remember...well anything really. I would prefer to have a head full of the best moments and be one of those old ladies people call sweet. I hope my bones allow me to walk upright so that I can still look people in the eye, not the shoe laces. I plan to let my hair go natural and be gray. But most importantly I pray that I have this fashion bent. I don't care if people laugh at me as long as they let me laugh right along with them. Nothing lofty, just a few things I have planned. Not impossible to achieve, nothing to brag about, just a thought...