Sunday, January 11, 2009

The luckiest man alive!

If you checked the blog's last entry you have seen my fashion goal. Yesterday morning, 70 degrees on January 10 in So California. I have spied my neighbor across the street on his hands and knees pruning and digging around his rose bushes so I knew it was time to get to my few. Yard just have to be in the mood. So still in my jammies and peering out to the backyard, the mood hit. But prone to a chill in anything under 80 degrees, I ran upstairs and threw on the nearest sweatshirt and slip on tennies, grabbed the pruning sheers and went to work. No I hadn't showered yet...I told you the "yard work mood" HIT. I was so enjoying the clipping and cleaning up from blooms past and picturing paradise 2009 that I hardly heard the click of the camera. What I did hear clearly was "I'm the luckiest man alive!" I chose to believe he was serious as my darling, showered, scrubbed, combed and fully dressed husband threw his head back in blissful laughter! You know? I agree completely!

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Julie O said...

HA!! Perfect!! So long as he acknowledges the truth all is well in the world. :)