Friday, December 18, 2009

Next to naughty in the dictionary...Mooch!

I don't care if these look like balls, they are ornaments, doggone it!

Or were ornaments and the Mooch spent the morning working his way to the top of Santa's naughty list
and I was all set to ask D to buy a couple of cans of dog food to give him a treat from the dry food he gets every day. Double dang!!

And if he could not add deception on top of the offense he would be so much better off. When I shouted at him, his response was absolute denial of any involvement. He acted like he had no idea how any of it happened and that the only reason he was anywhere near the brokenness was because he had just that minute chased the bad guy from the living room.>

Doggone it Mooch!


JP said...
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JP said...

HA! Daph and Mooch must be related, cause she has taken quite a liking to the ornaments on our tree. The only difference is, Daph will pull them off and chew them up right there in front of us, as if the ornaments are there just for her. Clearly, we just put up our trees and decorated them for their enjoyment. Why else would we tempt them like that?