Thursday, April 22, 2010

Ugana 2010 Day 1 UGANDA TIME

The week beginning Monday April 19th has been an exciting one to say the least.
As I type, I sit in row 33C of an Emirates 777 airliner.
This a deluxe airline for sure. Economy passengers don’t enjoy all that those forward in Business class and First class do, but they do let us parade by them on the way to our seats, just to make them jealous of the glorious party we enjoy back with the crowd. The individual TV screens offer so many choices mine is turned off ‘cause I am too overwhelmed with the options, ok after a couple of games of Tetris, and (can I just say I used to be good at that game, now it just frustrates me) and I’m hesitant to sleep with all the opportunity. I am a Carpe Diem-er, remember, so to sleep through, seems a waste of time. I believe hour 4 and on my change my mind.
The plane has two exterior view cameras we can click into at any time, one faces forward, and I do believe we were all witnesses to a little tail gating by our pilot on the runway, and it dawns on me, that could be the most accurate use of the term, ever. There is a power outlet in each row, so if I get a little wordy, well more than usual, remember 15 hours…
On Sunday evening, AD sent over the last of the darling dresses she has been sewing up for me to take along. Each one unique, and a labor of love.
I packed my own clothes, etc… and honestly, can’t believe it all fit, but yes it did. Now my carry on, a little on the heavy side with all the stuff I wanted to have access to on the plane…laptop, camera, video camera, books, games, change of clothes etc…Getting to these things, not so convenient, but with 15 hours in the air, I can pace myself that way.
We met this morning at 10am, got to know the rest of the group that travelled down from Paso Robles and I swear these women have so much to share, experienced a good dose of life and are just as anxious to serve Uganda. Dann made sure his girl was gonna be taken care of, or maybe that was chaperoned…not sure exactly where one ends and the other begins but both are entirely appropriate.
Got a text message from AD’s dad as we left the airport…”You Go Girl!” Its just where my heart is. If I could just for a minute lay it all on the line, I would tell you there is no greater thrill than to share my love for my Jesus with others. Why it is taking me so far away I can’t really answer, except that I want to say YES to every opportunity and considering the cost takes no time at all. The cost seems greater to let it slip away.
My prayer time this week as been permeated with the plan that I want to miss no opportunity. God revealed in me an weakness and mistake in my thinking when it comes to praying for others. I have tended to pray so safely for people that have yet to put their trust in Christ. I realized I was trying to protect God’s reputation by praying safely. I am praying that in Uganda we have an opportunity to ask God for some big things for the people of Kakira and that God shows himself mighty by answering prayer in dramatic ways. Big Goal…Big God. I know he’s up to it and I can’t wait!
10pm Dubai…Noon at home…We’ve landed gotten to our hotel and seen very little of Dubai. Shannon and I are sharing a room and have wandered the hotel wondering as we’re wandering if our usual habit of making eye contact and saying thank you is inappropriate for women when addressing men, cause we are getting a few funny looks. Please tell the Captain, that though I am like a kid in a candy store, mesmerized by every culture difference I see, I left the Burka clad women to proceed freely and only watched from a distance. I am closing this post with this picture of me putting a sweatshirt on during the flight. Only because have you ever seen more excitement in the eyes of a completely grown up woman, than this number? I’ll post again as soon as the internet allows. Pray for us as we are praying that God will do a work…for now…sleep!

Can't get the pictures to upload tonight. I'll try again tomorrow, may at the airport before we leave...Love you all...Ambien kicking in.

Crazy but true...all my blogger sign in stuff etc... is in Arabic...had to guess where to sign in etc...


Dan Nelson said...

SO glad you made it. Thinking of you, hourly. Know you're being safe, protected, careful, safe, even more safe.
Have fun, do good, come home safe and sound!

Lynette said...

Miss you already but so excited for you and what God is going to do. I find myself constantly thinking and praying for you and wondering what you are up to already as I know Uganda will never be the same again!

Kristen Plum said...

Wow that airport looks so fancy! I miss you already too! Soooo happy you are there! Keep these blogs coming. I must check my email 100 times a day waiting to hear from you.
So you are in Uganda by now, it is 7am saturday morning for you. I can't believe you are with "our people". Meet everyone you can, show them the love of Christ, and keep your eye out for my baby! :)
love love love you!