Monday, May 30, 2011

Haiti Day 3...the good stuff

We rose early today to gather for a meeting this morning at 7am and one of the members talk to us about John 4 and the woman at the well.  Living water is the only thing that satisfies and makes any long term difference in a life.  We were in organized chaos this morning.  Unpacking all the 20 some bins and 23 suitcases here at the guest house, sorting and sending them to the storage room, transition training facility, the clinic and the two homes.  Some of the group went to the storage room and starting rearranging and organizing some of the many things that have been brought to the orphanage in past months and didn't necessarily find their final home.  Unpack, sort, pack, deliver, unpack.  There was so much and we were so grateful how our churches and friends helped resupply so many necessary things.  We got to witness the value and use of the gummy vitamins today at the feeding program that happens three days a week.  About 150 children from about 4 to 12 are identified and invited to the patio area at the boys home.  The boys at the home help set up, organize and host each of the 12 or so tables.  When the gate opens, these chosen children are welcomed in and go immediately to a table based on their age and gender.  They are so well behaved, probably out of gratitude for the meal ahead.  We positioned ourselves at the tables and helped them do a craft, a cross with beads that represented the gospel message.  Then they sang some great songs and they had a such a great time.  A bible story was told to them as a group, in Creole, so I'm not sure what it was but when quizzed about what they had learned, they answered and were thrilled to get a toothbrush and toothpaste as a different they are than American children. Then we prayed for the meal.  The kids never got up, cried, needed to use the bathroom or anything else.  They all had self control and just seemed to know the rules and the routine.  Then came the food, rice and beans with a small amount of meat.  Some knew they wouldn't eat all of the small portion and immediately poured 1/2 of theirs into someone elses plate or bowl.  No fighting for more or complaining.  Every plate was clean.  Nothing was wasted.  Water to drink and then they were free to play or go home.  We washed the dishes and played with any who lingered.  It was such a great afternoon and if we weren't in love with Haiti before today, our hearts were stolen today.


organizercarol said...

so good to see you all and hear how its going! Praying often daily as we think of you and all that is happening! Keep those posts coming!

Sheryl Bullock said...

Jodi, thanks for your daily reports and also the photos. I needed to see Rachel and Lynette. It brings joy to my heart! Praying for all of you as you work and share Christ's love with those precious people.

Shar said...

Awesome pics! And, as always, love your wonderful descriptions of the days!