Thursday, June 25, 2009

3 cookies for breakfast...ok 5

I have given up creamer in my coffee. There is good reason, if you call health and weight good. I mean there are other reasons for putting an end to a long co-dependant relationship like loosing one's self. The creamer though was beginning to make me ever more findable and in more severe need of the "stretch" in jeans. Also, Dann and I, after our own little budget summit, are on somewhat of a spending freeze which move creamer and new jeans to the luxury list.
I tried cold turkey-going straight to java fresca (black). Shockingly different, but doable. Not the dessert breakfast I had learned to anticipate, but a girl can learn to appreciate a hot and bold taste. When you call it a hot bold taste is feels like something gourmet, and I am the farthest thing from gourmet, but in a coffee it sounds indulgent, so I'm there. "Java Fresca, Hot and Bold" how lucky am I. Anyway, it's not like I have never liked black coffee before this, its just always been a bit too BOLD first thing in the morning. I like to find my own words before the coffee cup starts yelling at me in BOLD.
"Hot and BOLD" has appealed to me in the past with dessert. Sipping sweet coffee after mounds of frosting off the corner piece of cake, or 3 brownies, or 1/2 a pie, was just a sugar overdose. But cleansing the palette with the sip of bitter Hot and BOLD was perfect. So this morning I was rummaging in the freezer for something, ok I knew the cookies were hidden there. You know, mix up a batch, eat about 1/2 the batter before it gets to the oven, cook the other 1/2, leave a few out to share and eat and then freeze the rest so that you don't over indulge and have to buy new stretch jeans which are on the "luxury list". So you hide them in the freezer behind other frozen stuff and then "forget" they are there, only you never forget, but you say that you are only going to pull out a couple and let them thaw and that is your ration for the day. Only, you go ahead and pop one in your mouth straight out of the freezer, because your hands are full of the day's ration, which may or not ever even make it to the counter. Well, anyway......If breakfast is the most important meal of the day, today was absolutely "Presidential". Java fresca - "Hot and BOLD" and a few cookies, ok few might be suggestive of some kind of self control. Anyway, if you see stretch jeans at the dollar store sometime soon............well, just know that I am still feeling really good about giving up the creamer, you know for my health and all.

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Britt said...

This is hilarious and far often so true for all of us! Thanks for your honesty, Jodi. :)