Thursday, June 25, 2009

Mike Jack-dedicated to Courtney Galleher

Ok anyway, anybody crying over all the loss of Michael Jackson? I think I would be a little sadder if the news crews didn't take over the airwaves for 5 hours of coverage when they really only have about 30 minutes worth of stuff to say and 20 minutes of that is about all the scandal surrounding his life and that is completely inappropriate if you ask me and you didn't, but I thought I'd say it anyway because I have been home alone all day and there is no one else to complain to. Anyway, I had a big ol crush on Mike Jack as a preteen. Oh my gosh back when I would save my allowance to by a record, a 45 of course, because no body's allowance was enough for a whole album. Do you guys know about record players? They are those things that people your age buy at garage sales and turn into spin art thingys for your kids. Anyway, I listened to "ABC" and "I'll be There" at least as often as I took a breath back then and fell in love with him. Which by the way was probably the beginning of my rebellious side showing, because you know that was back when a young white girl should have no such feelings for a young black boy. Sadly, by the time my kids got old enough to like his music we were to the age of music videos and his only two dance moves were the moonwalk which was great and the pelvic thrusting thing he did which I felt required me to throw my hand in front of the eyes of my innocent offspring. I am not even going to mention the completely inappropriate grabbish thing that gloved hand often did! But on the day of his death, it isn't too sweet to talk about his inpropriety or is it impropriety? Well, wrong anyway, but I want to be sweet on this death day. Ok, one more thing that is completely not about what this email is about-How do the television networks come up with one hour specials 9 hours after someone has passed away? Is there a "death crew" that sits around with a regularly updated list of whose number might be coming up and they are well on their way to having a production ready to go? So if you were an investigator and someone dies at the age of 50 and you are looking for someone(s) who might have some inside information on their premature departure...I think I start with the "death crew"...I'm just sayin'... Ed McMahon I understand, Farah Fawcett with the cancer, but Mike Jack? They had a whole 60 minutes worth of stuff just sitting there ready to go on a moments notice? That reminds me, you are too young to know this, but since the content of this email has now crossed over to a blog topic and tomorrow's post, Farah's passing causes me just a bit of relief. EVERY single guy I knew or dated in highschool had a poster of Farah Fawcett in their rooms. Some even on their ceiling above their bed. (Not that I was in many bedrooms of teenage boys, seriously) She was our competition and every girl between 10-30 hated swimsuit season because of that poster! And I need to add this was all before plastic surgery, which made her even more well......ah it's pretty close to her death day too, so I'll be sweet. I am telling you, talk to the older of us...ask us couples over 45ish about Farah Fawcett and watch the two completely different reactions you will see on the faces of us-as our inner teenagers eek out in our expressions. I could bet you that there will be more men in grief counseling in the next 6 months than women. I might just be able to put on my bathing suit this summer. Ok, well its 9:50pm and I want you to have time to pop popcorn before the hour long special that the "death crew" at ABC has put together-having no foreknowledge of course.

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