Friday, October 16, 2009

Perhaps for this day...

Perhaps it was for this day....that you were such a girly girl, playing with headbands and barretts and dress up shoes

Perhaps it was for this let your rebellion be known in a Spanish class, telling us you weren't planning on college anyway

Perhaps it was for this have always been drawn to small suffering bald headed children

Perhaps it was for this had to deal with people's raised eyebrows when you chose going to beauty school instead of college

Perhaps it was for this drove 3 hours every day to Santa Monica to cosmetology school

Perhaps is was for this met a young man who took you to a church called Reality where you would meet this child

Perhaps it was for this unexpectedly became a young family drawing you into relationship with these other young families, one who had this child

Perhaps it was for this day...that your own pain has tendered your heart into one so sensitive to His leading

Perhaps it is for this have been serve another....with courage and serve this child

Perhaps on this day, all that has come before, makes some sense and brings worth and hints of a higher plan by a Higher Planner, for this child.

Perhaps for this day...

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Julie O said...

Some one reminded me once, as you have today, that no matter if I feel what my daughters are going through these past few years is "fair" or is GOD's plan that they go through it. What they experience as children (whether a sickness in their body, like Daisy...or in their mommy's body, like mine) this is something that God is using in THEIR life...they said to me (5 yrs ago) they are walking in CHRIST now!! God's plan goes way past this year and affects decades to come, even through your children! Your words on this blog are beautiful. Perhaps it was for this?