Wednesday, February 10, 2010

William & "The Change" & heart songs

I have spent several nights over the last month wide awake when I should have been deep in some quality REM. Nothing bothering me, no pending catastrophe that I am aware of, in fact if truth be told, it is a most relaxing awake...body in a near coma, mind wheeling through all sorts of things.

My girlfriends warn me it could be symptoms of "the change". Let's just keep that little threat to ourselves here in blogdom. D is already dreading such things and all the fits that are sure to go with it. Let's not cause any anxiety until we are sure.

But to my knowledge I have never had hormonal symptoms in my life and since PMS are the three letters no man should ever speak and expect to live through, D would wholeheartedly agree, thus living to see yet another wonderful or duck and cover day with yours truly.

Back to sleepless in Ventura. One particular night, as I lay awake for going on 2 hours, I did the only rational thing. Get up, get the stuff done I was supposed to do first thing in the morning so that when I did go back to bed and to sleep, I could stretch the night into the first few hours of the day. Ah brilliant!

Running machines in the garage, I also checked into my email, because heaven only knows how many cyber-emergencies could be avoided if dealt with in the middle of the night. I had two messages from Jeff at the Kingdom Center about my friend William.

"Wow, what a day for William...This may be the first step in his walk with changing for sure...His hand is in Billy's life"

"He is coming around...great people in his life...Matt, a pastor at Ventura Community Church and many others are sharing God's word with William. Keep praying and come see him anytime. He's at the Kingdom Center most of the time. A long way to go, but he's moving in the right direction, Praise God!

"I will praise you God with all my heart...I will sing your praise" Psalm 138:1

Hallelujah! That was worth loosing some sleep to hear and I thanked the Lord for waking me up to get just a few more hours of sheer joy by reading it in the middle of the night. William, my William. William, of the Kingdom Center, if softening and searching and maybe just getting a peak at the ONE who makes all things new.

I don't even know if I slept in or not. I do know that I skipped my way the next day to the KC. Two "$5 footlongs" in hand, I found him about midday working on the roof. He came down for a few minutes and exercising great restraint, I did not make any comments that could be used as stalking evidence, thus proving that old dogs can learn something...even those going through "changes".

We talked a little, he seemed discouraged that particular day. I had so hoped he had applied for housing where he was working so hard. He said that he hadn't, that there were "so many women and children" and that he had looked over the requirements and didn't think he qualified because of his past. I didn't pry, but dang I wanted to, because everybody has a past and I know for certain a troubled past does not keep you out of the Kingdom, or the Kingdom Center. But that's where he was and I knew if God was doing His thing, then I was gonna just support them both.

But...But...William is an ARTIST! He told me he had done a few drawings and went to get his bag. He is talented, really talented. Landscapes mostly and just on whatever paper he had. He had an agent at one time and explained the process of taking a drawing and getting it ready for sale, etc... My mind was working overtime trying to figure out how to get him back into selling his art work and and income and blah, blah, blah...until I checked back into the conversation and God showing me that drawing was William's heart.

I asked him how he was doing in general...he shared a little and again said "I honestly never thought I would see you again".

"God won't let me forget you."

"Ya, I have been hearing a lot about God."

I left that day and went to the art supply store. God drove, I sang and found a few things, including some real paper. Thank goodness a few artists were hanging around, cause 80 lb paper weighs the same as 40 lb paper to my hands. You'd think wouldn't you, that a peri-meno...woman my size could barely pick up 40 lb paper let alone the 80lb stuff, right? Who knew 80 lb paper is completely within my strength...take that Venus De Milo!

Protected in a briefcase, I dropped off the supplies the next day. It was like Christmas for me. He was out on his bike that day. I haven't seen him since, but I am praying he sees that God would totally drop off art supplies for William, even if he chooses to use a sleep deprived stalker to do it.

Can't wait to see what he draws on the paper and how he is being drawn as well, to the God of new beginnings, second chances, redeemed yesterdays.

I pray that if he has any sleepless nights, his heart and ears are wide open. God is doing His thing and my heart sings.

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Kolein said...

Hi PERI here, too!!! Ain't it fun? And it gets more exciting!

Loved your post. You sound like such a kind heart.

God certainly does great things in us!!!

Have a beautiful day today