Friday, March 05, 2010

God is working...

Thinking about Uganda, planning for Uganda , dreaming about Uganda...

I will not even think about complaining about the shots Dot and I got last week. We were both brought to tears while talking in the car on the way and the poor nurse didn't know what to make of two leaky girls walking into the immunization room. We're girls, we just have spontaneous moments of drama.

God is doing a work. God is planting a love so deep in my heart for the women of Uganda, that I can hardly stand it. I picture their faces, their dress, their hearts . I have looked for, asked about, researched this village, Kakira. Who are these women, what do they deal with, how can I encourage them.
To say life is difficult there, is like saying the sun is hot. We can believe it, but will never really comprehend that degree of struggle. The roads are all dirt, walking is the mode of transportation, children care for children. The men that work all day, don't necessarily bring their earnings home, often choosing to drink away their paycheck leaving the family in a constant struggle to survive. Wives can be expected to share their husbands, and maybe in the common loveless marriages, it is not the impossible we would imagine. Physical discipline is common to control and keep the "beloved" in line, expected and accepted my many. I am sure this does not characterize every individual, but the reports I have received in preparing for the women of Kakira are full of resignation, poverty and empty hearts.

And God is working in me, swelling my heart with such longing and desire to bring a message of hope to the other side of the world. We are not the first, God willing, we won't be the last to come with the gospel, to Kakira.

God has made an appointment and I am so excited to be part of the team that will get to teach them what I know about the God of my heart. Several years ago I was faced with the possible threat of a life threatening illness. Thank you Lord, it wasn't on my calendar for that particular season of life, but there was quite a period of waiting and wondering "what if". I was resigned to whatever God had in store, but asked him that if the number of my days were drastically shortened, he would ordain a moment on a mountain for me. A moment where he would arrange for everyone within earshot to listen so I could tell them how and why Jesus is so worth living for and how be believes we are worth dying for. I doubt there will be a mountain but I am praying God uses this voice to show Himself glorious.
God is working...praise Him.

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Britt@artbybritt said...

I am so excited to hear all about it when you ladies return!