Monday, May 03, 2010

Monday Update

Hi there, this is Kristen. There is no internet where my mom is, so she asked that I post some info for y'all!
She made it safely to visit Ruth, our Compassion child. She and Fred (the driver from Compassion) traveled most of the day Sunday and they had a great time listening to African praise music. She is staying in what they say is a "really nice hotel" but that we would consider it a slum. She got to spend the whole day Monday with Ruth. Tonight she is going to spend the night at the Compassion headquarters and then travel tomorrow back to Entebbe to meet back up with the rest of the UTMI group. They will fly out Wednesday back to Dubai and be back to home sweet home on Thursday. She is very, very tired and feels like she has aged 10 years while being there. She's had an amazing time and is so so thankful to every one of you for your support and prayers. She'll post more when she can.
Love to you all,

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