Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Uganda 2010 - Day 15

Having spent the night in Mbarara after the day long visit with Ruth, Fred, my driver and photographer of every move I make and I pulled out of the motel about 7:30am, just as the coffee and toast had arrived to my room. But Fred was on a mission, so I grabbed my things and looked longingly at the caffeine I knew I would need for the day…and walked out the door of the “Holiday Inn”. Saying goodbye to Ruth the day before, began the leaving behind of Uganda and a trip I will never forget.
I was exhausted and we still had 9 long hours of driving ahead. Fred knew that the rest of our team was on a game drive while I detoured to see Compassion’s prize and being so
“Fred” he wanted to make sure I got to do everything Uganda had to offer me. He kept pointing things out all day for me to take pictures of and had arranged for us to make a loop through a national park hoping to see something exotic-ish, animal-ish. The drive in was grueling and I am still feeling the muscle soreness of the last 3 days on Uganda’s roads. After about an hour, we paid for entrance and though I wanted to say…please can we just go to the hotel, he had zebra’s on his mind and lunch at the lake restaurant. We did see some of the striped horses and a very few small monkeys, the nation’s bird and a few other small creatures, I am too tired to describe. But Fred wanted to make my trip complete, so onward to the lake. It was peaceful.
As we left the national park it was about 4pm which meant we wouldn’t get to the hotel until after 9pm. I still had souveniers to purchase for my family so he stopped

so I could shop…well at the equator, you know, of the globe, the world…what? Everyone doesn’t shop at the equator?
Of course, my own personal paparazzi snapped more pictures, even as I walked for “short call”.
As usual, when a Muzungu is in the area, the children come running in fascination.
Whatever it is that brings them, I don’t really care, as long as they come. This particular group wanted to try on the bracelet that the Deeds had given me for Valentines Day. So we spent about 10 minutes obliging them. Then it hit…I just want to be home now. Mission accomplished, which makes the next 5+ hours challenging. Sitting forward, unable to rest my head on anything with all the bouncing and weaving, I looked forward to a shower, a bed, some water and sleep.
The room at the hotel where I was to meet the team Wednesday morning, was beautiful and crazy extravagant, considering where I had just come from. Can I just say, no body needs 3 separate light switches for the bathroom lighting alone.
For some reason as the exhaustion set in and my body was finally able to relax, sleep didn’t come, blogging did.
Finally, heavy eyes gave way to a good 6 hours of sleep, and though I had showered the night before, I decided to soak in the tub, as I tried to soak in the past 15 days. It was the day to say goodbye to Africa, to new friends, grateful for a new perspective and for the way I have been changed…until next time…
Lord you are worthy of worship,
Worthy of praise,
Worthy of honor
You’re worthy of thanks,
Keep them close to your heart. Nurture the seeds that were planted in your name and sow in them for a harvest the glorifies you, the God of my home and the God of theirs. Thank you for allowing your broken vessels to serve you here.

Goodbye, Uganda.

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