Friday, April 15, 2011

Day 9 & 10

We arrived in League City late Tuesday night to the arms and bright eyes of my Mother-in-law's sister and her husband, the colonel.  That's the official connection but the real connection is true-blue family and a love and devotion to us that will send us out the door today wanting to bring 'em home to California. 

Cousins and their grown children have hurried home from their jobs each evening and the 3 of us have been trying to be ever so charming so that they might just decide to pack up and follow us home.  We have shared great food and such fun conversation.  We heard some Roger & Betty stories, visited the park and the Space Center and were reminded of the joy of a stolen cookie in the middle of the night.

Seaborough Lane has some territorial issues we learned last night.  The Deeds might have been crawling on the floor right along with the herd of Dachsunds, when he got a little reminder that he is not actually a dog.  The morning has brought a near complete recovery of the reminder and a good story to take back to California.

League City...thank you for everything.  We could move here, no doubt, with the feeling of home that we experienced over these 2 1/2 days.  Let us return the favor as soon as you are able, we'd love to have you, all at once would be a dream!

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