Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Road Trip Day 7 & 8

Shawnee Oklahoma…Can I just say that nothing you read on the blog about this part of our trip can come close to describing all that has taken place in 2 ½ days.  We ate and walked and watched movies… there were a few wrestling matches, some shopping and cooking and a field of dreams for one little man.  A little bit of girl talk, a bit of mother-son time, some sibling laughs, some dreaming and planning, not quite enough hugging, but that just leaves us anxious for this couple of college kids to return home in a few weeks. 

We leave today after a few errands and a quick lunch and head out to Keller Texas.  We’ll stop there to see one more cousin and her amazing and big family in their new house.  Then on to Houston to see the Taylors, we think of them as "Plum" good relatives.  Micah has talked about seeing cowboys on horses, complete with holsters for their guns since before we left on the trip.  I realized yesterday that his expectations will be pretty high when we hit the state line, so I have tried to warn him by telling him that cowboys drive trucks now except when they are on their ranches, so we might not see any horse riding-gun slinging men in boots tomorrow…”that’s just terrible” was his response.  I just love him!  If I could wrestle me up some rodeo men to hang around the neighborhood while we’re visiting, I think I’d sell my left hand…I need my right one to hold on to his as we drive off into the sunset tomorrow, leaving my own boy behind here in Oklahoma. 

Get ready Texas…there’s a curly headed cowpoke and his mama and DD about to see Texas!

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