Thursday, January 21, 2010

Another Thursday...

In contrast to everything going on in Haiti, nothing really seems blogworthy. Southern California is undergoing some "severe" weather, which again, when compared to anything Haiti, is an embarrassing description. But when a tornado pulls up a tree...yes people, a whole tree, our regular programming is interrupted and shazaam we are the top news story.

We don't know suffering like Haitians, we just don't. If you disagree, I give you 30 seconds with CNN ...'nough said.

But it's Thursday morning. The day which contains the 3 most heavenly hours of the week. "Deeds and DD day". He stopped by last evening for a quick visit and it just felt like we needed to get all the toys out, not just the one we were playing with for the moment, but all the ones we might want to play with next should be within reach. We had some cross culture activities going on. Legos were playing with cars, visiting animals and Pooh was appearing both in books and puzzles and it was wonderful and clearly the UN will be calling for tips on world peace.

We made a most "mommy challenging" decision before he left. "Lets leave the toys out for the morning when you come back". Both of their faces told me "against the rules", which made me even more determined to leave the chaos strewn around the universe otherwise known as the family room.

Anyway, Pandora offered us a little Raffi-genre background, fire in the fireplace and the continuing rain outside dictated our boundaries. Let the play begin.

After my second cup of "hot and bold" my focus sharpened to the scene and it dawned on me that given just a little imagination, and a floor level view and we could have some current events understanding.

Last Saturday the Deeds and I headed to a bakesale to benefit one orphanage in Haiti, so we talked on the way there about what happened and why we were giving money and what an earthquake is and how people were hurt and couldn't get food or their clothes because their houses fell down.

And yes I know these are awfully big issues for a 3 1/2 year old, but his mama and daddy are doing a great job of pointing out how to help others and that we all need to do what we can for someone in need. This was clearly obvious the other day when we drove by a guy standing on the corner waving a sign advertising a deal on pizza and the Deeds asked me if we had any "food" to give that man, because at 3 1/2 he can't read and thought this particular guy holding a sign was probably homeless and hungry and we should help him.

Anyway...back to the family this still Thursday? Goodness the rain makes we wordy!

I suggested we play Haiti...don't get all uppity...I believe any Haitian reading the following would be grateful even the smallest Americans are trying to understand their plight. And he poured a bunch of change in a container for kids in Haiti, so he's already in the information loop, in a very appropriate "G" rated way.

Building Haiti...home with lots of family members doing all sorts of interesting things, like "cooking dinna, weading books, sweeping, watching a movie". Pretty nice home for Haiti, but I do believe from all news reports our engineering and building codes could be similiar. "Tell the story DD and I will do it"


Spotting the people that are trapped. A few might have actually sustained injuries from the rescue efforts, since the racecar's tactics included pushing the blocks over the victims and they might have gotten run over in the process, several times or more.

A little triage and snoopy bandaids for this poor guy with two broken legs another with a "hurt head".

Bringing the only rescue vehicles we had...a race car/ambulance and firetruck.

I interviewed him at the hospital and asked if the people would be ok and he assured me they would be.

When I asked him how, he replied "Jesus will heal them." Why yes, little guy, he will and don't I wish we were closer to reassure the Haitians of exactly that. He quickly rebuilt our Haiti, put the people back to task and then reported that he would not like to do another earthquake please. Amen!

Yes rebuilding Haiti is an opportunity to offer hope and security to a city that has suffered so much. Please, Lord, from the heart of a more earthquakes. Rebuild, restore their hearts along with their lives and remind them that in you, there is hope and life.


Kristen Plum said...

I love this. Thank you for being the best DD!

Julie O said...

I love Deeds and DD day!! (this IS amazing)

Britt@artbybritt said...

This is absolutely precious. You are a wonderful DD for that sweet boy!