Thursday, January 21, 2010

Like a humming bird...

Perhaps that best describes what frustrates me so...I think I flit and flat and zoom around from one thing to another, never really landing long enough to have any kind of identity at all. I can add to my to do list much faster than I can accomplish one darn thing and I'm sometimes tripping over my own thoughts with the planning.

I have heard myself talking to someone about my next project as soon as I see the tiniest glimpse of finishing up the current thing. One day I sit feeling guilty for not feeling like doing a darn thing but bond with Dell, the next I am wanting to scold my driven self to just sit back a minute and take a deep breath. I drive my own self to craziness, so I can only imagine what it must be like to check in one day to something like Haiti and the next be reading about painting chairs.

But alas, that is me, at least for this season. So true to form...

The latest project on a budget.

Now I don't know about you all, but I think it is safe to say that I could quite possibly be the only person you know that would allow the falling rain to inspire you in such a way as to bring a chair to the middle of the family room, off white carpet and all and paint it, with of all things...real paint. But after the Deeds went home for a little nap yesterday...that is exactly what I did, all the while telling myself I am so glad D is at work today because I seriously am a nut and I don't want him to have any more evidence on that particular subject. I trust you all to keep that to yourselves.
I like this picture, because I can see the green I'm coming from in the chair to the green I'm moving towards in the lamp and pillows and the oh-so-worth-the-wait Uggs I got for Christmas, I love them so much, when I am not wearing them, I periodically wave to them.

It was just the very best place on earth to see the rain outside, hear and feel the fire inside and be entertained by my favorite talker "Bonny Hunt". Plus with the T & V on, if another tree got moved by the "severe" weather in our beach town, I'd be all up on the latest.

This was a garage sale chair ($3.00) last summer and I had a bunch, or 3 of those little cans of sample paint that Lowe's or Home Depot have now to try out colors before you invest in a whole gallon and got a hankerin' for some more color in the Pitcher's old room.

But in the meantime, I have been on a much "higher" mission. And by "higher", I mean upstairs. Remember the post with this picture of my kitchen table from last summer and me threatening to do something different, but what was it going to be and I was doing the cabinets in the kitchen at the time so I needed to wait and I was also looking for new chairs with fabric seats so I didn't really want to get anything going with the table until I knew about the chairs and I saw those great ones in Oklahoma at a thrift store, but D said they wouldn't fit in the suitcases so I had to leave them there? Remember that? oh Oklahoma, where the pitcher is...I need a moment.
ok, I'm better. I know, the suspense was totally killing me too, the not knowing and all! But then...but then...Craig's list!

Four of these beauties for (drumroll) $25.00, and not even each, $25.00 for the set!

So you know the drill...remove the pads, lightly sand...

Primer 1 coat...Paint 2 coats...

Staple new fabric pieces over vinyl...

Yes this fabric looks familiar because remember (and I totally believe that you remember every tiny distant detail of my decorating life, like I am that important. Ahh being completely disconnected from reality is so much more fun!)

Remember I couldn't decide which of about 5 different fabrics I wanted and so I ordered a yard or two of each, because I am so dang indecisive like that. Anyway, yes I used all of these on the pillows on the garage sale sofa I didn't even have to buy the fabric which is amazingly great since it is now 2010 and D and I are on a budget... (He's limiting his grocery purchases and I am limiting my decorating expenses, and its totally easier for him than me.)

Oh my word where was I? Table and chairs...well nearly done. The table top which gets lots of playdoh, glueing, and the occasional meal needs an extra couple of layers of polyurethane for protection. Hoping that doesn't yellow the color, but gotta opt for the durability.
Looking at those pictures...perhaps next Thursday when the furniture is cleared out but the blue tarp is not, well it might just be a Noah's Ark day with the Deeds!

And, since D just finished up a 72 hour stretch saving lives or buildings or flood rescues... I went ahead and used my extra time "saving" some old pillows for the family room with some recovering. How's that for a rescue? Uh ha, I see ya knoddin with gratitude and respect.
And Monday D stripped the wallpaper I adored in 1991, (but completely don't in 2010), from the downstairs bathroom and I so should have a quick plan to put it right back together since it is the guest bath, BUT I DON'T HAVE A PLAN at all and so if you come over and you need to use the facilities, you'll need to use your imagination too. And I'll go ahead and leave some decorating magazines in there so you can mark your preferences.

So like a hummingbird yes, but after 5 pieces of fudge, a bag of popcorn and a constant intake of caffeine...not exactly or very possibly the explanation!


Britt@artbybritt said...

I LOVE your new table and chairs!! I want to do this to mine soooo badly! Oh my goodness, so beautiful! :) THanks for sharing with us. I do remember most of the decorating things, and to those that love you, you really are that important. :) Have a great Saturday, Jodi.

KolentynePoppy said...

Yes and Amen. To everything you wrote!

Upstate New York