Thursday, January 14, 2010

What to say, what not to...

The blog has been quieter than normal and I am wondering if all 2 of you that check in once in a while have been wondering how on earth I could have a period of more than 30 seconds with nothing to say.

The truth is there is ALOT to be said, its just somehow too big to blog about. Its a struggle sometimes to know how much to share with the likes of a venue whose name starts with "World Wide..." so sometimes my judgement errs on the side of silence, rather than downloading from a place is that isn't necessarily settled. Seriously the erring on the side of silence is probably very very rare, like mostly almost, never

Lets just say that there are a couple of really "life changing" things going on and as soon as I can I will spill it.

In the meantime, Haiti. The news coverage, the frustration, the fear...but the help, the hurry, the supplies, the donations, the doctors (800 arriving, another 1000 headed there) and that's just from Doctor's without borders. Some organization is sending 3 water processing PLANTS that can cleanse 10,000 gallons of water a day. I know there are thousands lost, and I know every single one belongs and is a huge loss to somebody, somebody real and feeling and whose life is forever changed and in a horrible dramatic, devestating way. But from this distant country perspective, there will be miracles reported, rescues, heroes and praise. Man, it appears, will tarnish in average, normal, routine, but in catastrophe and emergency, God stirs in us the ability to sacrifice, risk and shine for the sake of someone else.

Now if I had tried to come up with something completly random, I would never have been as successful as true life has proven. Mooch...

Trust me when I tell you I have never seen him watch television, ever. He's a DOG. He watches me, every move I make, well and the peanut butter jar, he's got a thing for the peanut butter jar especially when he sees a dog bone come out of the box and head for the peanut butter jar. The peanut butter jar? Well, it completes him. No question, no competition.

But yesterday, Bonny Hunt was on and I was wandering in and out of the room, which means the Mooch was wandering in and out of the room, except that he wasn't. From the kitchen I could see he was watching, well fixated really, on the television. So stuck was my d.o.g. that even my movements in and out and through the kitchen didn't cause a flinch. I called D in to see him because it was just such a sight, the Mooch in the zone with my favorite talker "Bonny Hunt".

I know you can't see the television, trust me, he's lookin' up at the TV.

As soon as I snapped a picture of him, I kid you not, I looked over to see what the topic or guest was and this is what I saw...
Yep....Dog Adoption Day! I kid you not.
I can't really tell you I understand what he was thinking while he was watching. Perhaps, he was looking for a life mate, maybe wondering about litter buddies of long ago, or just checking to make sure he didn't see his own mug on the adoption rolls. It suddenly dawns on me, that I am talking here like dogs have thoughts. Well anyway, the Mooch! Couldn't have staged it, couldn't have been more hysterically random...Have a great Friday!

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Amy@TheLemonCottage said...

Hilarious that he was watching the dogs on tv!

I hope all your big changes are good ones for you.