Saturday, August 15, 2009

Kitchen makeover update

Ok, painting cabinet doors takes some time! Removing them, sanding both sides, painting primer on one side, second coat side one, dry for a day, first and second coat on second side. Paint 2 coats on side one, then two coats on side two and then just when I thought I was done, I went against my instincts and started sanding off the edges to make a worn look. Now, I like that look, but it takes some cuts to start sanding on freshly painted wood. Only it was late at night and I was getting kind of weary and not paying it my best attention so I think I've sanded too much. !"

So now I am trying to decide how best to fix that. Some of the doors and drawers are ok and I will start with the protective rub on finish clear coat and a day or so of drying. I am dang tired of all the drawer stuff on the counters, so I am anxious to get it done. Perhaps I should begin the seperation process with Dell and get on it. Please note that painting in your living room over the whitish carpet using black paint is never a good idea. I somehow got away with it this time, but looking at the pictures I just have to say what is surely plain to the rest of the world..."not the sharpest tool in the shed!"

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Britt said...

I'm loving this! Can't wait to see your end results.