Monday, August 03, 2009

Let there be love AND painting!

I have been checking my blog all weekend wondering if I had any new posts at Just a Thought... and I guess I was busy doing other things. Friday was The Pitcher's last start for the summer ball season and the Santa Maria Packer's team. It was a great summer evening after the two hour drive. D let me read a book to him on the way called "I lost my ball and found my life". A great story by the founder of Feed the Children about a wealthy golfer (redundant?) playing at an elite course in Africa when his golf ball flew over a wall seperating the course and one of the worst of slums. The story takes a turn when he can't get the face of the young child that returned the ball to him off his mind. Anyway...great prespective adjusting read. A dear friend from high school who lives in that area made the trek to Elk's field just to visit for a couple of innings. She is dearer to me now, because despite the fact that my life is found on the right path today (glory!) , she knew me in my exceedingly wrong-path days and even pulled me out of the gutter a few times I am sure. Anyway, what a great husband she has and he is so obviously all caught up in her as was evidenced by the frequent hand on her knee and comment about something unrelated to our girl talk. He probably thought we were actually watching the game and therefore deemed his interruptions appropriate. But two women with years to catch up on cannot be easily redirected to anything so regular as whether the umpire was accurate. Well, unless the pitch was delivered by my own flesh and blood, then I am mother-hen watchful.
Just because I have a strange habit of seeing human behavior as well...strange, I made a note to myself about the 7th inning stretch. Self: "It's the 7th inning stretch and look at all the people stand up to stretch and rub their backs and backsides (ok, that was me) and man I am glad the 6th didn't go especially slow because apparently we all needed to stretch. " Back to self: "You know we could have all stood up between any two innings and stretched and rubbed etc except for some reason we wait until we are given permission by the song" Well, conditioning at it's best right there! I wonder if someone just breaks out singing or playing that song, lets say at the beach or doctor's office, if people wouldn't have to fight the urge to stand up and stretch? Anyway, I did have such fun last night sitting with my feet up while Dell and I underwent some extreme self-training in the blog redecorating world wide web. When I was done I realized it was very much the palette of the other redecorating project I'm all into and while I don't mind a bit working alone, the Pitcher moved home over the weekend and needs a little pocket change so things should really get moving. My biggest competition for his time & energy is a darling college student, Sa-Sa. But even I am distracted by such sweetness, so I believe for the next few weeks, we will live by the slogan..."let there be love and painting."


Julie O said...

So sweet! Yes love and painting indeed...and when you find yourselves watching a movie together at night I double dog dare you to break out in song!! $5 bucks he stretches!

Just a thought... said...

You are too funny! Mooch loved the mention as well (double dog!)