Monday, August 24, 2009

Random Monday

Its late, well when your in your late 40's, 9:14pm is late and I have random musings this evening. So here you go, in no particular order.
1) I hate unresolved conflict. Unresolved conflict between others is pretty much worse for me than my own. I can do some reconciling when its me, but when its between two people I care about, I hate it. Told D this morning I want to be a mediator in my next life, except I doubt heaven will have any call for that. Frustrating thing is, you can't just boss people into sitting down together, you have to be invited to get involved. So my suffering continues! Dang!

2) I bought myself a gift this morning. Gift of the year! A
color wheel from Dunne Edwards. Do you know how many trips and how much time this will save? Not to mention all the tiny little sample cans of "not quite right" paint!

3) Cabinet doors up on the bottom set of cabinets and first coat of color on the top. Love the bottom, still undecided about the top color.

4) Crown moulding and bottom trim moulding makes all the difference! Well when D installs it that is. There isn't enough caulking to let me use the cutting thing, plus he looks so manly doing it.

5) Micah helped me make cookies for the Pitcher the other day. We sent them with him to Oklahoma, the "child stealing state." State bird is probably a vulture! State bird in California recently changed to a fly. Flies have taken over. Look close at the picture and see the fly ready to land on the Deeds' right cheek/chin, followed by falling into my coffee. A fly on my tongue is not at all like cookie dough from the beater, double dang!

6) Passive-aggressive customer posing a dilemma. Lesson learned: Shirt tossing game futile and really what other tactics are there? Photo withheld to protect the passive-accuser. I just followed your instructions "TO THE LETTER", with email to prove it. Oh, I was supposed to read your mind? Well, I charge extra for that, but good try. No discount, but good try.

Like I said, random Monday!

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Kristen Plum said...

Love the molding!!