Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Nope, not ok about it yet, or probably ever.

The Pitcher left nearly two weeks ago. I guess we were really busy with lots of important things like staying completely distracted and overwhelmed with stuff so we couldn't actually feel anything like missing him. Some might call that denial, but I like coping mechanism better. But like all mechanistic things...eventually they stop working and you just might be driving down the road when it suddenly hits like a big ol' powerful wave..."I miss my Pitcher". I'm sure D is smiling in the picture above only because he thinks if he carried some stuff to the truck, he would get to go along.

I thought I was doing so well. I thought pretending like "O" in Oklahoma, was just like the "O" in Oxnard and he wasn't much farther away than the next town over, a lie. Like when the cell phone rang with his number showing and he talked about going to the gym and class and Sarah, he was really just right down the road at Ventura College, a lie.

I came across the pictures of the day before he left and the morning he drove away in the dark. It's still dark out there in the driveway, the last place I hugged him before he drove 20+ hours to the child stealing state. I hadn't posted them, because I could hardly look a them myself. If a picture speaks a thousand words, these are screaming "I MISS MY PITCHER".

You should know that next to "would you play (anything)ball wif me?", the Deed's favorite thing to do was have cereal with the Pitcher. They started out with Micah climbing up on the chair next to the Pitcher and just watching him eat. Then the Pitcher would offer to get him his own spoon, same bowl. Then he earned his own bowl and the tradition was born.

We are going to see him. As of today, we are exactly 1/2 way between the day he left and the day we arrive for my showdown with OBU and that team of Bison's that sweet talked my child from my home. I don't care how many there are or even what a big ol' hairy Bison really is, do not, I repeat DO NOT try to get between a mother and her child. The Deeds and Dot will join us just in case I need an extra dose of mommy hormones for the battle and just in case the Pitcher might be hungry to share some cereal.

History says this sunami of missing will pass...

But if you ask today..."Nope, not ok about it yet, or probably ever"


Kristen Plum said...

I miss my puddy pal. Micah is so excited to see Untol Wyan and Sarwa in Otlahoma!

Julie O said...

Tears pooling in my eyes...the picture of the two of them eating cereal is just way too precious! I love when (hope you don't get mad) BIG MEN are attentive to the lil ones in their lives! It shows such gentleness. Now your dot is sure to keep you from throwing anything at the big ol hairy bison right? Use your words DD!