Friday, September 11, 2009

Just have to say..

It's 8:50pm according to Dell and I just sat down for the first time since 6am this morning, unless you count the ride in D's truck the 2 miles to HD and back where we picked out a new faucet, because the old one couldn't be reinstalled...something about rust and corosion. Dang, it was working fine and I really liked how it looked and I do remember when D installed it. I think we have some hyper active hard water and this one cost about a double dang's worth of hard earned money. But I did get to sit down on the ride there and back, so maybe we can say the new faucet has delayed my knee replacement surgery for a while anyway.

Without pictures I just had to say "I LOVE MY KITCHEN!" Short of a $150,000 remodel, I never thought I'd actually want to snuggle my cabinets and lay my cheek on the cool counters, but people, it has happened. I am in love with my kitchen and if there was a way to prop up my feet in that room I'd be there right at this moment, Dell on my lap.

I promise tomorrow will come with photos of Paulino's fabulous counters and all the cabinet doors up and Dot's fabrics from our late night excursion to Joann's...yes huh, 6-9pm is a late night excursion.

On a different note Jeopardy style-
Category: How do you know you are aging?

ANSWER: When your first thought is DEPENDS...

QUESTION:Retrieving a sample product from the mail box that says "Security all night long"?

Quote of the week: "We are so in love right makes me glad I let him live through last year" Beth Moore on marriage.

Oh, please of the week: "My only offense is lying (on tape) about sexual encounters I did not have"

From a member of the the state senate & Ethics committee.
I love all the ideas of how you explain this to your children down the road.
It's never good to lie...well only if it's about whether you were untruthful about being unfaithful to your wife. Or maybe if you are bragging to a co-ethics committee buddy, who clearly is totally qualified to be on the committee and hold you accountable, or not.

Anyway...D will read this and say bloggers beware. BUT, I just have to say
"I am so glad I let him live through last year & I LOVE MY KITCHEN!"

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