Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Kitchen makeover update

Lesson learned...Because I wanted a less than shiney cabinet look, I used eggshell paint and then thought better of the scrubability factor and decided to add a layer of wipe-on acrylic finish to the black. It added a little bit of the shine I was avoiding, but also an extra layer of protection for a kitchen. I finished painting the top doors and frames and applied the same acrylic finish to the lighter doors. The next morning it looked like the cabinet doors had been "egged". Where the excess pooled in the corners of the molding, it dried with a yellow tone. Yuck! I tried everything I knew to sand the yellow areas without damaging the rest of the finish, but it either dug too deeply next to the yellow or didn't break through the acrylic at all. So...I decided to sand down all the upper doors and start over. Thank goodness only the exterior side, but still, we seemed so close to having the tempting chocolate chips covered up again.

D called Paulino, our favorite all-things granite guy and he is quickly turning our counter tops into a work of art. Dot escorted me into some decision making at Home Goods last week. I'm still not sure I know my way around color, but she is a great cheerleader and suggester of all things beautiful.

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Kristen Plum said...

Oh mom! I'm sorry you had to do all that extra work, especially in this hot hot heat! But it's going to be beautiful.