Sunday, September 13, 2009

How can he help it?

I try to leave most postings and stories about the Deeds to his mom. I try to be good that way. Try to pretend that there are important and meaningful things in my life apart from him. Try to pretend that he is the center of his momma's universe, but you know that I have other interests and purpose now that my kids are grown. Try to pretend that he is not really the first of a very large group of perfect angels that will call us papa and dd.

I try to pretend for the sake of boundaries and all. I had no idea how grandchildren would change me. Melt me, thrill me, undo me, and unlock something inside that is more fun than well...anything.

Have no fear my sons, this one has only started something that makes us more anxious for the next and the next and the next and remember I told you that you needed to average 3 each. I believe your own plans aside, that is completely reasonable.

Here is the thing with grandparenting compared to parenting. As parents you have a responsibility to behave in a manner that is responsible and worthy of obediance and respect and you must be firm about teeth brushing and shots at the doctor and sunscreen and making them go to bed on time and all of those things that will grow them into wonderful adults that will give you GRANDCHILDREN!

BUT, this grandchild has begun the undoing of all undoings. He makes me forget all things adult and sends my heart into the pursuit of childhood fun, adventure and carefree abandon. Fort building, sand surfing, face painting, playdoh, sharky the shark, legos, jelly beans in my pockets and hide and seek. I don't want to just help him with whatever it is, I want to play right along with him. My greatest challenge ensues when he is anywhere in the vicinity and I cannot just drop everything to be a 3 year old right along with him. It is a triple dang situation and I reserve the triple dang for something
just short of 911 just so you understand the severity of the challenge.

Anyway...all that to say that lately I have noticed the Deeds wants little to do with having his picture taken. Just no patience for the whole sit down, or smile or whatever. Its like he is 3 months old again and I am jumping around like a fool trying to surprise him into a smile as hard as he tries not to comply. But to his credit, he doesn't necessarily turn away, just wants to use the moment to reveal one of his other moods, because at 3 he clearly has other moods.

When I looked at our recent camping pictures I noticed that he isn't the only one with other moods. So, possibly it is a DNA thing that has taken over and he just can't fight the urge to display his hereditary gift!

So here's to grandchildren and funny faces. Consider me undone and I plan to stay that way for a good long time!


Kristen Plum said...

ohhh Micah. At least he out of the camera shy stage!

Harrell said...

LOVE IT! He is such a performer:)