Monday, September 21, 2009

The Bison Award

OBU- Oklahoma Baptist University- The Bisons

The Bison Award. An award given to someone who exhibits great strength in the midst of battle, a never-give-up fortitude equal only to the weight of its enormous will to stand, even in the worst of storms.

Yep, that's the place! Shawnee greeted us with the best looking - best hugging, California boy we had ever seen east of the Rockies! We got a tour of the beautiful campus, state of the art Wellness Center, well stocked cafeteria, and amazing early american historic looking buildings all decked out in red brick. The humid weather makes everything green and the overcast misty days made me wanna sit with a cup of "hot and bold" and read a good book cuddled under a blanket. Alas, there was little of that, as we had a couple of college kids to visit and I wouldn't be distracted by anything that required me to take my eyes from them.

We were invited into the coaches' office..."Y'all come on in an' have a seat" with that smooth southern accent. Ah ha! "You're the one who was talking my West coast boy across the country! Don't be tryin' that southern sweet talk with me, ya hear!" Thanks to a well timed caution from a wise young woman before I left, I threw no shirts, and talked about how grateful we were for all that they had done for the Pitcher.

I didn't mean it, but I said it, lest he blame me for anything bad that happens down the road.

The Pitcher showed us all the new places he spends his time, most involving weight machines, running shoes and red dirt.

They do a good job keeping the place all spiffy and professional looking as to lure these young innocents away from home. No doubt, they've engaged in family break-up maneuvers before this one.

We saw their local hang outs and dang if they haven't one-upped us with a drive through Starbucks! Think of the treat that would be on a snowy day when you decide to put down your good book, peel off the blanket and venture out for some gourmet "hot and bold"! And in Shawnee, you could afford the $4.00 java because gas prices make me ashamed to say I even drive a car in California.

Just because I love an adventure, I have to notice all things different. Here are my top 11 things (what? everybody does 10) that make Shawnee a great destination.

You're welcome.

11. You could hear a tornado warning at anytime!

1o. 30,000 least 30 churches, mostly Baptist and Church of Christ. Just the idea that a town any size wants 30+ churches!

9. Dollar stores out number Starbucks at least 10 to 1.

8. Antique stores with thrift store prices.

7. Buildings made of brick, walkways made of brick, streets formerly brick, now paved over with asphalt...should be a crime.

6. Everybody greets you. Not just a nod, but "How ya'll doin' today?" smile.

5. Only 30 minutes from Hobby Lobby, where they are "closed on Sunday so that their employees can go to church." Hallelujah

4. Fresh baked cookies and fresh made coffee in the hotel lobby EVERYDAY...ALL DAY!

3. Driving anywhere in the city in 3 minutes or less. ok, 4 minutes with traffic, if both of the other cars are in your same left turn lane.

2. Shopping the entire mall in 2 hours. Could be done in less time, except that the two anchor stores Ross and Dillards have amazing deals.

1. The Pitcher and Sasa are there, well, temporarily.

Can I just say that we did more eating than we did anything else? When the Pitcher is at home, he would graze as necessary. When we are in his town, where our hotel room doesn't include a pantry, we must get to food more often and in larger quantites than my digestive routine is used to.
Need I remind us, to always pack a pair of sweat pants for the flight home?

So the week came and went. The Deeds would say his highlights were getting a donut from the breakfast bar at the hotel EVERY morning. Getting to talk about that plan and get permission from his mommy, at bedtime EVERY night. Then telling me "DD, I dot a donut" afterwards.
Having cereal with Unca Wyan, making a present in the bathroom for Sasa, and the sleepovers & pillowfights. Dot would say getting to see her "puddy pal" and getting 50% off at hobby lobby!

D and I would say getting our arms around the Pitcher again, seeing his new, (albiet temporary, yes ha), life, school and apartment. Seeing how easily he handles anything that comes his way and how comfortable he is with his decision to take on his own adventure helps us adjust to being home.

Leaving to come home??? I won't even go there.

Except to say...ME! I'll take the Bison Award.

An award given to someone who exhibits great strength in the midst of battle, a never give up fortitude equal only to the weight of its will to stand, even in the worst of storms. (ok, I totally made that up, but it could be true.)

The homecoming negotiations have ceased for the moment. Believe D when he says "that this mama's heart is quiet only on the outside". There is a storm going on alright, but for now, I will loan my Pitcher to the Bisons of OBU.

And at least for today, I guess D and I will hunker down and just try to wait this one out.

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Kelly said...

This makes me VERY nervous for the day that my girls grow up, and leave us. Why in the world does it work like that?? We help make them the wonderful people they become, shouldn't we be able to witness that whenever we please??

Well, I am glad that you guys had a good time. Also, I am not quite sure how every other town in America has a drive-thru Starbucks but us??? That makes no sense either:)
O, and I really wish we had more brick buildings here. I LOVE them!