Saturday, September 26, 2009

Swear there should be one...

I told D tonight there should be a fire dept blog after he told me about last shift.

D: "we got a call last night"

Me: um hm

D: "subject not breathing at Reardon's funeral home"


Me: "well then, all is right with the world."

D: Um hm

Me: K

And we painted the kitchen, BLUE, sorry green lovers. D had an opinion and he has so few when it comes to decorating until after its done and then brags about how amazing I am, which says much more about his amazing talent of keeping the paint brush out of his hand, than his decorating sense.
Plus the newlywed was all for the blue and Dot came by and helped me tame it to a managable cottage level and its still darker than she advised, but the quart of white we dumped into the custom mixed gallon was gone and I was so primed to just get it painted and we were on a roll, I refused to drive to the store for the 4th time today and yes I know the color wheel was supposed to prevent that.
I am having 80's flashbacks and have prohibited all things "country" from my cottage, but if shoulder pads and big bangs come back...I'm in!


Harrell said...

yay! I like it:) well done!

shannon dawn said...

and i love the blue :)

Julie O said...

You crack me up!! I need you on speed dial!