Monday, September 21, 2009

And the world just stops...

Two families,
one son whose age is still counted in months,
one daughter whose age can be counted on her one tiny hand.

Two mommies,
two daddies,
two doctors,
two hospitals,
two cities in
two counties.

Same thoughts,
same fears,
same prayers,
same tears,
same smiling face for their child,
same weak knees outside the room,
same locked down position at the bedside, just waiting.

Today I heard about these two families. The first already has a diagnosis of cancer, kidney, tumor, surgery. The second story is just unfolding. No diagnosis yet, but ugly xrays, and suspicions and a specialist on his way.

What on earth could be more heart stopping than someone telling you, or suggesting to you that your child...tender, vulnerable, and fragile is sick? Really sick. Sick where you are given percentages, sick. Sick in a way you don't know how to describe or explain it to them sick. Sick in a way that you are desperate to deny. Sick in a way that threatens to destroy you at any moment, except that though it would be easier to give in to being destroyed you are like feet-in-cement standing so that your baby can feel the strength when she holds your hand and looks into your face.

And parents have it, all that strength, because its what we do, come up with every last ounce of life if that's what it takes...for their child. Because everything else falls away. All the pressures and daily parts of life, the cell phone calls, text messages, emails, work demands, food, money......suddenly powerless, meaningless, gone.

The world just stops...

But...God watches. He knows. He's moving. He's acting. He's orchestrating. He's planning. He's been preparing. He's not surprised. He was not caught off guard...No, He is "On" Guard.

The world may have stopped, but heaven is in full motion. He is not just acting. His heart is full of compassion. His mind has full knowledge. He is acting according to His will and His will alone. No one and nothing messes with the kingdom without His understanding and permission. There is no wolf in sheep's clothing to Him. No one is left unprotected. He is mighty enough, strong enough, knowing enough, and loving enough to battle any enemy that threatens. I don't care what its name is, what percentages are attached to it, what the past has said or what the future predicts...HE IS STRONGER. Because HE IS the I AM.

HE IS MORE AMAZING, MORE POWERFUL, MORE WONDERFUL and will, even more so than these parents, summon ALL THE STRENGTH He needs to BE STRENGTH so that when those parents, HIS children, grab for HIS hand to feel strength and look to HIS face to see hope...THEY WILL FIND IT AND NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!

Their worlds have stopped today. Don't let yours. Pray without ceasing for the healing of two of His favorites.


Harrell said...

on my knees!

Julie O said...

Me too!