Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Clear Vision

My contacts are the type that need to be changed once a month.  If I was really good about it or a calendar watcher or better ye,t had an app on my iphone that would remind me to change them at the appropriate time, I would be ahead of the game.  Since I don’t have a smart phone I go with plan B, if bump into things I know it’s time, perhaps, to change my contacts, unless of course I’ve had to call an ambulance in response to whatever injury has reminded me to change my lenses.  There is something about permeability and debris in the ocular macular type thing…blah blah blah.   
Anyway, cloudy vision is corrected overnight and I’m good for another month or stubbed toe, whichever comes first.  I realized this week, that clear lenses isn’t all there is to great vision.   Focus is helpful too, the mental kind, as I found out earlier this week.  

To say Uganda has been on my mind is such an understatement.  I can’t really remember too many details of the whirlwind called July, but this Thursday, I realized I needed to GET A GRIP when I walked into the MEN’s restroom at Albertsons.  I wish I could say this was my first offense of the male species, but if you remember my adventures in Turkey at prayer time in the Muslim city square and heard the yelling from overseas, you would be ever so grateful and find a renewed appreciation for our ambassadors or diplomats or God himself for saving us from a Turkish attack on the US for violating the sacred.  In my defense, I don’t read Turkish or whatever was written on the door.  

But here in the US, I should be able to read the door right?  I know.  FOCUS, that’s the problem.  Gratefully there was no one between me and the urinal that gave away my misstep. 
FOCUS…clear vision.  Its my prayer tonight as we sit at LAX waiting to board the first leg of our trip to Uganda.   I want to see all that God has for us.  I want my vision to be clearer than ever.  I want the lenses of my failing eyes to see from the heart of Jesus.  Pray for us, you won’t be wasting one minute and we would be so grateful, humbled and desperate for Him to lead us with eyes wide open.

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