Saturday, August 04, 2012

Uganda 2012 Day 4 Compassion visits!

Compassion Children 
It’s true…when Jesus asks you to do something sacrificial there is such a huge blessing on the other end.  That blessing was delivered today and my heart could hardly take the size of it!  Compassion suggested the children we have sponsored, come to the hotel to meet with us and they began arriving about 9am.  One family after another came and we were able to put our arms around all of them.  In their gratitude they brought gifts, each one so special to us and we were told that just the evening before the families were informed about our visit, so I believe they probably took something especially meaningful right off their own shelves at home. It was so so humbling.  One mother in her desire to express her appreciation, bowed to the ground in gratitude.  The oldest boy arrived first, Rogers.  After exchanging greetings and introducing ourselves as Dann and Jodi we sat with the Compassion representative who had all the school and medical records for Rogers and Joseline.  While I was looking over their performance marks and chatting, Rogers was talking to Dann about his future plans.  Then he asked Dann where he was from.  Dann replied that he was from the US from the state of California.  Rogers asked a question we thought was already answered..."Do you happen to know Mrs. Daniel Plum (my sponsor name)?  Dann was puzzled, but pointed to me and said..."that's her".  This strong man-child jumped up and ran to me with the biggest hug and expression of gratitude I have seen in a long time.  Language translation and name tags had confused him.  When we all realized what had happened, we removed our tags and laughed at ourselves.  Sponsoring a child matters very much.  So much that a strapping 16 year old boy could hardly contain himself.
We hadn’t planned on the parents joining us today, but we discovered that most of the children had not been in a swimming pool before this day and some asked to watch their child play in the water.  I am so grateful to those back home that gave us bathing suits to bring, each one had something to wear and some quick scissoring on Dot’s part made them each a good fit.  
 A few water toys and plenty of floatation rings, we were playing games and teaching cannonballs like we were children ourselves.

 They are beautiful and fun and sweet spirited and smart and shy and gregarious.  

 One, Rogers, who is the oldest at 18, wants to be a doctor.  Big dreams and simple lives, hard work and praise to the Lord, 3 fair skinned visitors and the most beautiful bunch of children.  Dann worked with the oldest on playing the guitar.  I taught them the “human knot” and the children smiled.  We ate lunch at the hotel, handed each their backpack full of necessities and toys.  The Captain prayed over them and it was time to begin the goodbyes.  A note to the parents, a bag of rice and beans and a blessing spoken to each quietly wrapped in a hug. 
 What a glorious day. 
That the God we know and who sees our need, connects hearts from one continent to another, there are no boundaries in his kingdom and no bounds to his love.  One of the Compassion Center workers told me  today that it was a day the children will never forget, well tonight I’m thinking that until the day Christ comes back or we greet each other in heaven…we will never forget it either.   The glory of it is almost too much to bare. 
Tomorrow, the village, Kakira.  Church from 9-1, then visiting a few families in the village with extreme needs.   We’ll bring along some food, clothes and share with them about scripture and Jesus…  and tomorrow I will get to see and introduce my Captain and Dot to my Olivia; a blessed day it will be.

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Robin Scott said...

So awesome Jodi! What a blessing for you and your family! God is so good!!:)