Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Uganda 2012 Tuesday Day 7

Thank the Lord that the day at VBS went much smoother.  The adjustments we made to the program were exactly right and we had plenty of time, plenty of space and a plenty of smiling faces again today.  They have really gotten the music down at this point and their joy in singing the new songs falls just short of ours in watching.

 Today I just so loved watching those eager faces wait in long lines to wash their hands and be served a plate of rice and beans.  I was collecting empty plates and realized not one grain of rice remained when they were finished.  I'm so so grateful to everyone that contributed to bless the dress.  There was more than enough food today for the 500+, after yesterday running out when 620 showed up.  

We had more help today and simplified the schedule.  It was perfect!

The women's conference finished day 2.  Nicole taught on forgiveness and I taught on the parable of the persistent widow and taking our need for justice to God.  Just as I began to teach a rain storm began and it POURED for about 20 minutes on the church's tin roof.  It was so loud, that even the microphones couldn't make us heard over the noise.  Everyone had to move their chair up close surrounding the podium and it made it feel more like a bible study in my own living room with the intimacy.  We wrapped up the day and headed back to the hotel for about 15 minutes at about 6pm, then we were off to a home for orphaned boys.  Most had lived in another place where they experienced some kind of abuse, at another boys home.  Perhaps abuse of funds, I'm not sure. I just know that as several shared their stories, it was clear that these God loving young men have faith that comes from living through some tragedies and not just surviving, but overcoming in the most humble way.  They don't get visitors there, from the states anyway, so they treated us to VERY fresh home grown chicken...'nough said!  We got back to our hotel by about 9pm and I'm trying to throw this up tonight before I fall into bed.  Dann is sleeping in the dining room chair next to me because the internet doesn't work in our room.  I suppose I love him enough to wrap this up and take our Musea Muzungu Music Man back up to our home away from home known as room 76.  Until tomorrow...bless you and goodnight

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