Thursday, August 02, 2012

I see London, I see France....

Is it day 2 already?  With the time change we are feeling like it’s yesterday, hungry like its noon time, ready to board a plane about bedtime where we will be served dinner. We are sitting in the London airport and with the exception of one television, I hear nothing about the Olympics and see no real evidence.  It’s odd that way, I thought the buildings would be adorned with Olympic rings, banners welcoming visitors and competitors and an Olympian measure of souveniers…apparently Heathrow heard there was a group heading to Uganda and the fame belongs to Jesus today.  People are trying to act calm and like they don’t notice us but I'm pretty sure those books, magazines and snoring are cover for their jealousy.

Flight #1 I sat next to a gentleman from Norway who was returning from the US and a golf tournament combined with a spiritual conference about inner peace and meditation.  Yes, I talked to him for oh about 90 minutes and we debated and discussed faith, Jesus, the Bible and truth.  He was very kind, though confident in his stand, so was I.  He kept saying he didn’t want to offend me and that this was his opinion.  I would reply time and time again that I was not the least bit offended, because I KNOW my Jesus is exactly who he says he is and fortunately my opinion lines up precisely with truth, so I could talk all day, or flight in this case.  That’s when he ordered a beer, followed by a glass of wine. ;)  I know, kind of reminds me of Fred the driver in Uganda. 
It was a lively discussion, though neither one of us was swayed, for now, I pray.  65 year-old Bjorn will have more chances to find truth.   When we disembarked as friends, I couldn’t help but think…I’m going on to Uganda, I hope you know you have a big decision about where you will end up.
The time is passing so smoothly and now that we have connected with Scott and Ashley, the team is complete and intact.  They are a big bunch of blessings and the fact that most are a generation younger than the Captain and me, I want to just dance over their faith and hearts.  Now that we are at the gate I have to get over the impulse to hug every ebony skinned person as though we know each other.  Self control…not a gift.  We’re boarding the plane that will take us to our mission field in just about 30 minutes.  You wouldn’t be wasting a constant grin on my behalf over the next 14 days. Would it surprise you to know that I am balancing this big ol' lap top on one arm while typing and handing my boarding pass to the gate attendant?  The rest of the crew are already seated, praying fervently that I do not place blog above making the flight. 

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Susie said...

Praying for all of you!! So far I've read three blogs from you guys so keep them coming!