Saturday, July 25, 2009

Doesn't everyone?

Because when you are raising your own kids they are tougher, but when its your grandchild, every precaution must be taken! So when you hit the Lego jackpot and buy somebody's $75.00 souveneir set from Lego Land, which was a castlesomething they "Had to Have" but you find it at a garage sale for "make me an offer" ok "how about $2.00?" and they say "sold" you must run screaming like the IKEA shopper lady to the get-away vehicle "start the car, start the car"! Only I was alone, so I was yelling on the inside to myself and running away quickly, bag in hand looking over my shoulder expecting the garage sale seller to be shouting after me, "wait, I didn't mean the whole bag of legos!" Too late, yes you did just give away the farm!

So, yes I soaked every single piece in hot soapy water first, then scrubbed each (yes huh!) with my own toothbrush. Diversional thought (not delusional, though possibly also appropriate) ...I have always wondered how you know when its time to replace your toothbrush, I mean other than what the toothbrush company says (possible conflict of interest, or the dentist, who I think could possibly be in cohoots with the tb company) . It dawns on me that July 25th, today might be a good day to purchase a new one!

As they are drying I have gone through to pull any inappropriate pieces out. Yes huh, there are inappropriate legos. Here are two "scary faces" which will not make the cut. The guy on the far left is a questionable character. If its red hair, he is in, but if those are flames, he is out. Really, how many nightmares could head on fire cause, A LOT! Then there are these guys, three headed something and pig faced guy. I may put them away incase we ever study the book of Revelation together, using Lego props, because isn't every toy a bible story waiting to be played out? But they aren't going to be in the general Lego supply. I was also so pleased to discover Papa and DD in with all the different Lego guys and that the heads come off and can go on different bodies so that we can have a little change of wardrobe every once in a while and have different jobs. Ok, now only 3 more hours until the little guy comes over...just enough time to dry this jackpot with my blowdryer on the high/sanitizing setting. What? Doesn't everybody?


Harrell said...

hahaha love it!

Kristen said...

oh thank you! Before reading this post I was having an internal battle tryig to convince myself "they're all kids, it was probably just another 'clean' little boy just like Micah playing with those legos." Glad to know they are thoroughly sanitized. :)

Julie O said...

Haaa! I have totally done the same thing!