Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Interactive Thursday

I was a little panicked this morning realizing that tomorrow is Thursday and last week's "I T" was such a success I ... Oh wait Oprah has Carrie Underwood on and she is THE most darling thing-seriously! Beautiful and why won't my hair do that? And I love when she closes her eyes to sing and they do a closeup on her face and I try to memorize her eye makeup, except that my 48 year old lids are not quite gonna show it off the same way, unless I close my eyes quite a bit when I talk, slow blink or something. But I think people would be so distracted by how wierd that looks that they wouldn't actually appreciate the creative layers of colored pressed powder. I guess it really only makes sense if you are singing or praying, but walking up to a friend and falling quickly into "Our Father" or something is kind of bizaar and then they close their eyes because of the reverance and all, thus defeating the I guess I should call for voice lessons, well, after Interactive Thursday anyway.

Ok, so I'm making headway on the painting and have the fence up to keep the Mooch at a safe distance and my cell phone is in the basket on the counter for financial reasons. My challenge will be the patience to let the paint dry REALLY well before I put the doors back on. You know, I will be all impatient about seeing the whole look and then the doors will stick to the frames and though beautiful, it kind of cuts back on the storagability when you can't actually open the kitchen cabinets, which would totally save on the grocery bill, but D and the pitcher that visits regularly and thinks this is a filling station for his 6'5" self, would be all fussy about the lack of food I guess. So, I am going to wait 3 days before hanging the doors and another 2 days before closing them, or less.
OK, remember "interactive Thursday" means reader participation and I already know 2/3rds of my followers are in Colorado so feel free to leave several comments and opinions, there will be room for sure. I found these fabric samples of and need some feedback, because left to me, I would just order 3 yards of each and decide later. Kind of defeats the whole spending freeze makeover goal, so I should limit my selections to the best ones.

That's where you come interact friend. Just call them 1 through 10, top to bottom or describe them, like swirly blue or stripes etc...I am planning on a slipcover for the sofa, window coverings, table runner, throw pillows etc... Anything less than 12 choices is a savings from my perspective!

And the lamps...I am thinking about this...But the question is, what do you think? Remember D had that ONE opinion about not liking the white, so I will have to consult him as well, since he is apparently, and no one is more surprised than me, a lamp person. After 28 years, he still has me on the edge of my seat.


JP said...

I wouldn't pay too close attention to my suggestion (the wife would agree), but I vote for number 6. No reason, just like it better than the greens I guess.

Britt said...

Ooh! I'm not gone yet - I can interact! I like 3, 4, and 5 if you are going for a combo of prints. And I love the lamps!!

Britt said...

Or 2, 3 and 5! :)

Harrell said...

1st question...are the lamp shades copper or like a shiny copper colored silk? I think they are super cool.
I'd really need more time on the fabric opinions...They are all really nice! I like number 8 a lot but it doesn't seem like it goes with a lot of the others.
I was no help at all sorry:)

Julie O said...

Ok I love love love 8 the best! It's probably because I don't care to much for small florals yet love big individual flowers. The other that I like is 7 (maybe a valance?) the small prints that I do go for always tend to be leafy. But when I chose that I right away had to agree with H that it doesn't play very nice with the others. But I want to put 8 on a wall as an accent right away! A small wall of course. Havin a ton of fun on your blog!

shannon said...

for the fabric I say 2, 3, 5 or 10 :)
and i also think the lamps are super cool! :)

Just a thought... said...

ok good so we have narrowed it down to 2,3,4,5,6,8 & 10...So much closer to a decision??!!??
Maybe my idea of 3 yards of each isn't too far off afterall.....:)