Thursday, July 23, 2009

No return-There's a point!

Ok, so Dann and I sanded the edges where 2 layers of red made a ridge on both edges of where the border was. Except the sanding made it smoother than the texture on the wall I think. I mean its difficult to tell whether it just feels smoother or it looks smoother in spots. So I decided to paint it attempting to get it all one color so I can tell whether repainting will cover the area evenly or the walls will need texture.
So I bought new roller covers and got everything out and ready and then realized that the covers were 9" and the roller frames are 6"-Dang! So brushing it is and about 15 minutes into the primer I realized I am at the point of NO RETURN.
Committed to a kitchen makeover. Yikes! I am not committment phobic or anything, but I am hoping so badly I can pull it off and it turns out more than just made over, but beautiful. You know like I DO NOT want a "trading spaces" makeover look. Drastic and ingenious in the dramatic transformations, but honestly not often very attractive in the long run I don't think. (Sorry TLC!) But I have to give 'em some credit, I mean $27.93 and 30 minutes is a pretty tall order. I also have been trying to do each project in the most sensitive way possible considering D's work schedule and the extra amount of pressure he is already under. He is self admittedly "obsessive" about projects. As soon as they make the "to do" list, he wants them done and crossed off. Can I just say this can be and I mean barring PMS or a wrong attitude, this can be such a great asset. Me on the other hand- totally enjoy the process. Work a little, stand back and admire a little, work a little more, you get the picture. So to keep his "to do" list clean, I am trying to start the next phase and get it all cleaned up before the next sighting of him so that he comes home unable to help and like it's all cleaned up for the day. Possibly a little codependence on my part, but if I can keep things tidy and everything in its place in the midst, so much the better for my overworked spouse. Tomorrow, he's on for 24...I am expecting big things. He will be rolling around town saving lives and such, me rolling around the kitchen with really does the excitement even compare?


Britt said...

Way to go!! It's going to turn out great I'm sure. :)

Julie O said...

You're on a "roll"!!!