Thursday, July 23, 2009

Interactive Thursday

That's right, today is "interactive Thursday". That means that all (that's right all 3 of you) who regularly visit are needed today to help me with a couple of things.

First, black and white are fun, but is there such a thing as too much black and thus a decorating style can become "gothic" rather and updated? BTW how do you girls get your pictures to come up at different points in your blogs. Mine load at the top only?? WAIT-Thanks Cristin,I DID IT! Anyway,
I am ready to paint something else and have been eyeballing the forest of oak legs this table represents. Dot questioned whether the spray paint would actually hold up under the scrubbing and food etc on the top, but I was wondering about the legs.
Waddaya think? These 2 1/2 cans of spray paint are begging to be used, but I also have these lamps that are primered over some kind of fake brassy gold, which I was totally into in the last century, but were kind of getting on my nerves like "shiney metal on lamps" will do from time to time, or every time I walk in the room lately.
D says he doesn't like the white, which means "HE HATES THE WHITE" because he never criticizes anything except umpires and drivers on the road, so that is saying A LOT. And by the way, I was thinking I would cover these shades in one or the other, except that I think that might be out of order and limit my sofa covering. I never used to call a couch a sofa until I had one meeting 20 years ago with Cynthia (not cindy) from Ethan Allen when I learned that sofa sounded so much more...well "Ethan Alleneee". My grandma used to say Divan, or Devan, emphasis on the van. Where did that come from? headed to google next to check it out. BTW yesterday's border removal wore me out! Turns out the border people lie about easy application and removal, unless that only applies to say the first 5 years and its not a lifetime guarantee. Note: it is easier to paint around the border when you want to change the wall color and not the already out of date border, but removing the border now....what to do with two coats of paint on most of the wall and only one under the border? Yes it does show! Sand? Primer and retexture! So much for an easy change. Alright, so interact and live the rest of your day knowing someone asked you for decorating advice, which means adding "decorating consultant" to your resume is perfectly justified!


Harrell said...

answer to picture question...cut and paste the pictures to where want them. They will always load at the top but then I highlight, cut and paste them where I want them!
so if you paint the lamp leg black since dan hates the white, will you still use that fabric on the top? maybe add an accent color to the room like your green or a nice red and it will make the lamps pop:) just my two cents:)

Britt said...

Ooh! This is fun! I want to have interactive THursday on my blog too!

OK - I think I'm with Cristin about the shades... if you the lamps black, the current shades will look really dark. Either change the shade, or leave the white. And, I think black legs on the table would look so good!! I'm excited to see what else you come up with.

Kristen Plum said...

black tables legs. What about the chairs color? Black lamps base. Wait on shade until you figure out what to do with the "sofa." Maybe i'll bring micah over to nap at papa dd house tomorrow and I can help you paint!

Julie O said...

First I have to say....HIP HIP HORRAY! You're blogging! I love reading your words...honestly, sometimes I laugh, sometimes I cry, and sometimes I sigh.

Okay yes on black table legs....really quick (it's probably too late for this project) but they now make paint with primer in it!!! Did you know that? So it cuts out the middle step! Ok and as far as the lamp I agree with K on waiting until you solve the "sofa" issue. So really I offer nothing new but just wanted to interact! Love ya!