Wednesday, July 22, 2009

An empty nester and Dell!

So Dann is working A LOT! and I am finishing up month #2 as an empty nester. Dell, (laptop) has found a comfortable place on exactly lap. If I could just move the coffee pot to my end table and have a port a potty close by, I would probably just become one with this 25 year old recliner. And I am in BLOG HEAVEN! Not my own, but skipping around the country reading what people with a real life and summer activites are doing...I am getting the whole "net" part of internet. I am loving my southern blogger friends Big Mama and Boo Mama and the Nesting Place. I don't care if they know nothing of my existance, they are a hoot even if it is only one way communication! And seriously what happens on any given day however mundane just sounds like more fun with a Southern accent.

Anyway, with all this time on my hands I have been blopping (blog hopping) all over DIY bloggers that have gotten me inspired to just do the thing! I am just plain tired of waiting for the $150,000 to remodel my home. You know, don't even replace a old or broken thing, because one thing will lead to another and that broken tile will end up costing, well $150,000! So, my lovely Dot, (Daughter) says before and after pics are a must, not sure how Dell and I will get those from the recliner but it's a respectable goal.

So today, Wednesday is the day to finish yesterday's border removal in the kitchen, which has been RED and I have loved it, loved it, loved it...until I looked at it last week and hated it. So off with the border and on with perhaps 14 coats of primer to cover the red, before the new color goes on. But D (all respectible southern bloggers call their husbands by their first initial) is off the the FD today, which means 24 hours of whatever scrubbing a 48 year old bicep can handle on the border. Why is it that when you are applying wallpaper, it resists the wall as if it could never adhere and like the wrong two sides of a magnet, but come at it 20 years later and it has such seperation anxiety surgical tools are required?

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Harrell said...

HAHAHA...I am looking forward to the kitchen pics!